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At OnSideUp our passion is to make everything be its best: look better, convey its message better, reach further, and ultimately succeed greater. We believe in huge ambition and seek to support it any way we can. We enjoy doing it for our clients, and we enjoy doing it with the original content we develop ourselves.

‘Content is King’ and ultimately the basis for our growing digital society. We believe, from creation to distribution, that continually emerging technologies, outlets, & budding talent are enabling content creators to forge new paths towards engaging and entertaining consumers.

With our original content, OnSideUp’s prime directive is to produce fiscally sound, disciplined-budget films and other moving image content where the tenets of filmmaking and maintaining sound economics dictate creative direction. The foundation of the business will remain as close to the rules of economics as possible while placing our primary focus on the practiced means of filmmaking — i.e. solid storytelling, proper casting, incentive based locations, & utilizing strong crew relationships. Through the practices of keeping overhead low and employing fiscal strategies that take the lead from development through sales we ensure return on investment with every release.

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